How to Change Colors

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If you're running this software on your own computer rather than online, you can change the colors of the links and the notes.

To change colors:

1. From the choices below, pick a color for the links and a color for the notes. The lighter colors are more distracting, but easier to distinguish from the rest of the text. The darker colors are less distracting, but harder to distinguish from the rest of the text.

808080 A05000 D07000 FF8000 900000 B00080 FF00FF 400080 7000E0 0000B0 0000FF 004080 0070E0 008080 00C0C0 008000 00C000 00A050 00D060 307000 70B000 808000 C0C000

2. Using an ordinary text editor, not a word processor (e.g., Notepad rather than Word), edit the file style.css. The first two lines each contain the color for the links, and the fourth line contains the color for the notes. This is what the beginning of style.css looks like; in your text editor, change what is shown highlighted here:


3. Refresh this page.

Main page