A Brief Dictionary

of Bible Words that May Be Unfamiliar

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adj.=adjective, adv.=adverb, n.=noun, v.=verb
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abase v. degrade (abasement n.)
abash v. make ashamed
abate v. decrease
abject adj. miserable (abjection n.)
abject n. miserable person
abroad adj. spread about (e.g., Gen. 45:16)
abroad adv. 1. outside (e.g., Gen. 4:8) 2. away from home (e.g., Lev. 18:9) 3. widely (e.g., Matt. 28:15)
abstracting v. (from) apart from
abyss n. bottomless pit
adamant n. a very hard stone
adjure v. 1. command solemnly 2. plead earnestly
admonish v. 1. warn 2. advise not to do wrong (admonition n.)
advertise v. 1. inform 2. (3 John 1:10 only) make known, call attention to
affinity n. 1. friendship 2. likeness
affront n. outrage, insult
aforesaid [uh-FOR-sed] adj. mentioned earlier
alabaster n. a mineral
albeit conjunction even though, although
allure v. attract (allurement n.)
aloes [A as in AM: A-loze] n. a perfume
altar n. place where a sacrifice is offered
amain [uh-MANE] adv. suddenly, immediately
ambush n. 1. troops hiding for a surprise attack 2. place where troops hide for a surprise attack (ambushment n.)
anathema n. See Deut. 7:26 note.
ancient adj. sometimes means: 1. earlier (e.g., Judges 1:11, Ps. 88:50, Isa. 19:11) 2. aged (e.g., Job 15:10)
ancient n. 1. aged person, elder 2. senior priest (1 Peter 5:1 note) 3. (2 John 1:1 and 3 John 1:1 only) see 2 John 1:1 note.
Ancient of days n. God
anise n. an herb with fragrant seeds
antecedent adj. coming earlier
apace adv. quickly
apostate n. person who abandoned his religion (apostasy n.)
appease v. calm, quiet
apple n. (of one's eye) pupil, figuratively, something very cherished
apprehend v. 1. fear 2. arrest 3. seize, take hold of (apprehensive adj., apprehension n.)
approbation n. approval
appurtenance [uh-PERT-en-enss] n. something added, accessory
aqueduct n. structure to transport water, often by gravity
armoury n. 1. place for storing arms 2. collection of arms
asleep adj. sometimes means: dead
asp n. a poisonous snake
aspersion n. sprinkling
assent v. agree
asseveration n. solemn declaration
assuage v. lessen, subside
assumption n. taking up into heaven
attacus [AT-a-cuss] n. an edible insect
aught n. or pronoun any least thing
austere adj. harsh
avenge v. take revenge (avenger, n.)
awful adj. worthy of awe
axletree n. bar on which wheels turn
Azymes [A as in AM: A-zimes] n. See Acts 12:3 note.
baggage n. equipment needed by an army
band n. sometimes means: 1. body of armed men 2. bond (e.g., Ezech. 20:37) 3. bandage for a wound (e.g., Osee 5:13) 4. (bands) captivity, imprisonment (e.g., Phil. 1:7)
barnfloor n. threshingfloor
base adj. 1. dishonorable 2. despised 3. of little worth (baseness, n.)
baseborn adj. 1. illegitamte 2. of humble birth 3. mean
basilisk n. a very large snake
bate n. See 3 Kings 7:26 note.
battlement n. wall with notches, at the top of a building
bdellium [B is silent.] n. a resin (See Num. 11:7 note.)
beak n. spout
bedchamber n. bedroom
beeves n. plural of beef
beggary n. extreme poverty
beguile v. deceive
behemoth n. See Job 40:10 note.
behove v. be necessary for
bellow v. roar like a bull
benefaction n. charitable donation
beneficent adj. doing good
benevolent adj. doing good (benevolence n.)
benignity n. kindness
beryl n. a gemstone
beseech v. ask earnestly
beseeming adj. appropriate for
beset v. surround
besiege v. surround (besieger n.)
besom [BEE-zuhm] n. bundle of twigs used as a broom
betake v. have recourse to
betimes adv. early, quickly
betroth v. promise to marry
bewitch v. affect (especially injure) by witchcraft or sorcery
bewitching n. fascination
bier n. coffin
billow n. very large wave
bishopric [BISH-uh-prik] n. bishop's duites of spiritual instructing and governing
bittern n. a bird
blain n. swollen sore
blast n. 1. breath 2. disease
blasted adj. of stunted growth
blasting adj. causing disease, destructive
blasting n. disease
blaze v. make public
blear adj. (of eyes) watery and sore
blood n. (1 Mac. 6:34 only) juice
blot n. disgrace, scorn
boar n. male pig
bodkin n. instrument to fasten up hair
boll [BOLE] v. form into a seed-vessel
bondman n. male slave
bondservant n. slave
bondslave n. slave
bondwoman n. female slave
border n. (Mal. 1:4 only) land
borderer n. person who lives near a border
bosom n. 1. front of chest 2. seat of emotions, "heart" (e.g., Job 19:27)
boss n. protruding ornament
bottle n. sometimes means: container made from animal skin
bound n. limit, boundary, border
bounden adj. binding
bounty n. 1. generosity 2. gifts given generously (bountiful adj., bountifully adv.)
bowels n. 1. body (e.g., Gen. 15:4) 2. insides (e.g., Lev. 4:11, Eccus. 17:19) 3. heart (feelings, compassion, affection) (e.g., 3 Kings 3:26, 2 Cor. 7:15)
bower n. temporary dwelling, booth, tent
brain v. kill by beating the head
bramble n. a pricky shrub
brand n. piece of burning wood
brandish v. wave as a weapon
bray v. 1. (of an animal) make a harsh sound 2. pound, beat, grind (e.g., Prov. 27:22)
brazen adj. brass
breach n. 1. opening, gap 2. wound (e.g., Jer. 6:14) 3. breaking of an agreement (e.g., 2 Mac. 15:10)
breeches n. garment to cover hips and thighs
brickkiln n. furnace for baking bricks
bridle n. harness, restraint (bridle v.)
brier n. a prickly plant
broidered adj. embroidered
brood n. group of young animals
brook n. small stream
brow n. projecting part
bruchus n. See Ps. 104:34 note.
buck n. male animal
buckler n. shield
buffle n. buffalo
buffoon n. vulgar entertainer
bullock n. ox (castrated bull)
bulrush n. an herb
bulwark n. protective wall
burthen [BER-then] n. burden (burthensome adj., burthen v.)
byword n. common saying, proverb
cabe n. about 2 quarts
calamus [KAL-uh-muss] n. an oil used in perfume
caldron n. large pot for boiling
calumny n. false accusation (calumniate v.)
camelopardalus [kuh-mel-uh-PAR-duh-liss] n. giraffe
canker n. something that corrupts (cankered adj.)
canticle n. song, especially of praise
caper n. a bush
carbuncle [CAR-bun-kle] n. a precious stone
cassia [A as in AM: KA-shuh] n. a dried bark, used in making a perfume
caul n. a membrane
cauldron n. large pot for boiling
cavalry n. troops on horses
ceil v. cover the top
censer n. container for burning incense
censure v. condemn
centurion n. commander of 100
chalcedony [kal-SED-uh-nee] n. a translucent quartz
chambering n. lewd behavior
chamberlain n. bedroom attendant for royalty
chamfered adj. beveled
chamois [SHAM-ee] n. an animal like a goat
champaign adj. flat
chapiter n. top of a column
charadrion [kah-RAD-ree-on] n. a bird
chargeable adj. sometimes means: burdensome
charges n. sometimes means: materials
chariot n. horse-drawn vehicle
charmel n. See Isa. 29:17 note.
cheek n. (Ex. 12:22 only) door side post
cherogril n. an animal like a woodchuck
chide v. 1. scold 2. quarrel
chimerical adj. wildly fanciful
choler [KAHL-er] n. anger, wrath
chrysolite n. a gemstone
chrysoprasus n. a bright green valuable quartz
churlish adj. rude (churlishness n.)
circumspect adj. prudent (circumspection n., circumspectly adv.)
cistern n. natural or man-made reservoir for water
cittern n. guitar
cleave v. adhere
cleft adj. split open
cleft n. opening
cloak n. 1. loose outer garment 2. (1 Peter 2:16 only) pretext, excuse
clod n. hard lump of earth
closet n. inner room
clout n. piece of cloth
clout v. patch
coadjutor n. assistant
cock crowing n. early morning (See Mark 14:30 note.)
cockle n. a weed-like plant
coeval adj. originating in the same period of time
colour n. sometimes means: pretense
colt n. young male horse or donkey
commend v. 1. recommend (e.g., 1 Mac. 12:43) 2. praise (e.g., Luke 16:8) 3. confirm (e.g., Rom. 3:5) 4. prove (e.g., Rom. 5:8) 5. approve of (e.g., 2 Cor. 3:1, 2 Cor. 10:18) 6. entrust (e.g., 2 Cor. 4:2) (commendation, n., commendable, adj.)
commiseration n. pity, compassion, sympathy
commodious adj. suitable
company n. sometimes means: 1. group of soldiers, troop 2. group of people (e.g., Luke 2:44)
compass n. border, circuit
compass v. surround, go around
compendious adj. concice
comprehend v. (John 1:5 only) overcome
comprise v. include
compunction n. remorse
concertation n. strife
concision n. those who believed that circumcision was necessary, even in New Testament times
concourse n. commotion
concupiscence n. sinful desire, especially lust
confederate n. member of a league
confess (to) v. sometimes means: 1. acknowledge 2. profess faith in 3. praise (e.g., Ps. 66:4) 4. give witness to (e.g., 1 Tim. 6:13) (confession n., confessor n.)
confidence n. sometimes means: 1. (Tob. 4:12 only) offering, gift 2. something trusted (e.g., 4 Kings 18:19) 3. safety, security (e.g., Ezech. 28:26)
confiscate v. take against one's will (by the government)
confute v. prove wrong
conjure v. 1. request solemnly 2. command solemnly
consign v. give
consternation n. dismay
consummate v. end, finish (consummation n.)
contemn v. despise, slight, reject
contend v. fight (contention n., contentious adj.)
contumelious adj. with rudeness and contempt (contumeliously adv.)
convenient adj. (Rom. 1:28 only) proper
convince v. sometimes means: convict
cope n. the arch of the sky
core n. See Ezech. 45:11.
coriander n. a fragrant herb
cormorant n. a bird
cornfloor n. floor for thrashing (beating out) corn
couch v. 1. lie down (e.g., Gen. 49:9) 2. put into words, phrase (e.g., Proverbs introduction)
counter n. (Apoc. 2:17 only) stone
countervail v. balance
court n. sometimes means: 1. entrance (e.g., Ex. 27:9) 2. house (e.g., Luke 11:21) 3. palace guards (e.g., Phil. 1:13)
cousin-german, or cousin german n. first cousin
covenant n. 1. solemn agreement 2. (Ex. 39:40 only) tent
covenant v. make a solemn agreement
coverlet n. bedspread
covert n. 1. covering 2. shelter 3. hiding place
cracknel n. brittle cake or biscuit
crag n. steep, broken rock (cragged, craggy adj.)
crib n. manger
crisping pin n. decorated purse
crop n. (Lev. 1:16 only) expanded part of a bird's esophagus
cruse [CROOZ] n. small cup
cubit n. See Gen. 6:15 note.
cumber v. clutter
cummin n. a plant whose seeds are used as a spice
cupbearer n. person in a royal palace who gives wine to guests
current adj. (of money) presently used
custom n. sometimes means: taxes
custom house n. building where taxes are paid
damsel n. young miss of honorable birth
darksome adj. dark, gloomy
daw n. jackdaw, a bird like a crow
deal adj. (of wood) unfinished
debase v. degrade
decant v. pour off (e.g., wine) gently, leaving the sediment
decline v. 1. turn aside 2. draw to a close (e.g., Jer. 6:4, Luke 9:12)
deflour, or deflower v. deprive a woman of her virginity
delicacies n. 1. (Prov. 19:10 only) material comfort 2. lewd, sinful pleasures
delicate adj. 1. living extravagently 2. extravagent (delicateness n.)
delude v. mislead, deceive
depute v. assign
deputy n. 1. governor 2. representative
deride v. ridicule (derision n.)
derogate v. speak ill of
desert [DEZ-ert] adj. deserted, desolate, empty, wasted
desert [deh-ZERT] n. something deserved
despoil v. rob by force, strip, remove
detract v. speak ill of (detracter, detractor n., detraction n.)
Deuteronomy n. second giving of the Mosaic law
diadem n. 1. royal cloth headband 2. royal crown
dial n. sundial
didrachma n. See Matt. 17:23 note.
diffidence n. distrust, lack of confidence
dig v. sometimes means: pierce, make a hole through (e.g., Ps. 21:17, Ezech. 8:8)
dig down v. tear down, demolish
dint n. dent
disannul v. annul
discomfit v. defeat
disconsolate adj. without comfort
discover v. sometimes means: reveal, uncover
dispensation n. divine ordering
dispose v. 1. (Prov. 16:9 only ) devise 2. (Wis. 12:18 only) govern 3. (Ezech. 46:22 only) enclose 4. (Luke 22:29 only) give
disposition n. sometimes means: 1. (Wis. 7:17 only) structure 2. (Wis. 7:19 only) position 3. (Eccus. 19:18 only) complying with 4. (Acts 7:53 only) ordering 5. custom (e.g., 2 Par. 23:18)
disquiet v. disturb
dissemble v. 1. be hypocritical 2. overlook 3. simulate (dissembler n.)
dissimulation n. pretense
dissolute adj. unrestrained
dissolution n. death
distaff [DISS-taff] n. staff from which thread is drawn
distil v. 1. fall in drops, flow gently 2. infuse, instill
divers [DIE-verz] adj. diverse, different (diversely adv.)
divers[DIE-verz] pronoun several
divine n. priest, theologian
divine v. fortell (divination n., diviner n.)
dominations n. an order of angels
dominion n. (Eph. 1:21 only) angel, good or bad
donary n. something given for sacred use
dowry n. gifts given
doxology n. expression or hymn of praise to God
drachma n. 1/2 didrachma (See Matt. 17:23 note.)
drag n. net
draught [DRAFT] n. all the fish caught in the net
dray n. low cart
dress v. 1. prepare, put in order, cultivate 2. (of a wound) cleanse and apply medicine (e.g., Isa. 1:6) 3. decorate (e.g., Bar. 6:10) (dresser, n.)
dropsy n. accumulation of fluid (dropsical adj.)
dross n. waste, scum, rust, incrustation
drove n. large number of animals moving as a group
durst v. dared
earlet n. earring
earth cake n. hearth cake
edify v. instruct, especially in faith and holiness (edification n.)
effectual adj. effective (effectually adv.)
emaciate v. lose flesh, become very thin
embassage n. 1. embassy 2. ambassador
emerods n. hemorrhoids
emissary goat n. scapegoat
emulation n. 1. fighting 2. jealousy (emulous adj.)
enchanter n. sorcerer, magician
enchantment n. sorcery, magic
encompass v. surround
endow v. give to (endowment n.)
endue v. endow, provide
engender v. bring about
engine n. military machine (e.g., battering ram)
enjoin v. order urgently
enmity n. opposition, being an enemy
ensign n. flag, banner
ensue v. follow
entrail n. (Ezech. 21:21 only) idol
entreat v. plead (for), seek earnestly (entreaty n.)
environ v. surround
ephi [EE-fy] n. See notes to Ezech. 45:11 and 3 Kings 7:26.
ephod [EH-fod] n. See Ex. 25:7 note.
equipage [EK-wuh-pij] n. equipment needed by an army
equitable adj. just
equity n. justice
ericius [uh-RISH-us] n. hedgehog (an animal)
escutcheon [eh-SKUTCH-un] n. decorative plate
espouse v. marry (espousal n.)
essay [EH-say] v. attempt
even n. evening
eventide n. evening
evident n. effective work
exact v. force payment (exacter, exaction n.)
exchequer [ex-CHEK-er] n. treasury
execration n. curse (execrable [EK-sih-kra-ble] adj.)
exequy n. funeral rite
exhort v. urge to do good (exhortation n.)
exigency n. urgent need
experiment n. (2 Cor. 2:9 only) test, proof
expiate v. 1. cleanse 2. satisfy for (expiation n.)
expostulate v. reason with someone about his behavior
expound v. explain
express adj. copied, resembling
extant adj. existing, not lost
extirpate v. destroy completely
extol v. praise
fain adv. gladly
faint adj. weak, feeble
faint v. 1. lose courage (e.g., Jos. 2:11) 2. grow weak, grow weary (e.g., 1 Kings 2:33) 3. long for (e.g., Ps. 83:3)
fainting n. 1. (Ps. 118:53 only) indignation, anger 2. (2 Mac. 3:24 only) terror
fallow adj. not planted, and not tilled for at least a year
fan n. utensil to throw grain into the air, so the wind will blow the chaff away
fan v. 1. blow away (chaff from grain) 2. attack (e.g., Isa. 29:5) (fanner n.)
farthing n. 1/4 penny
fatling n. young animal fattened for slaughter
fawn v. show affection
fenny adj. swampy
fetters n. foot shackles
file n. (Acts 12:4 only) row of soldiers
fillet [FILL-it] n. narrow ribbon
fine n. Note: in fine means finally, in conclusion.
fining-pot n. vessel for refining metals, crucible
firebrand n. piece of burning wood
firepan n. pan for holding a fire
firmament n. 1. See Gen. 1:6 note. 2. fixed foundation (e.g., Ps. 17:3)
firstling n. firstborn
fit n. sudden burst of a sickness
fit v. sometimes means: be suitable, be proper
fitch n. chick-pea
flag v. hang
flagitious [fleh-JISH-us] adj. very wicked
flank n. side
flax n. plant used to make linen
fleshhook n. hook for removing flesh from a pot
flint n. very hard quartz
flower n. sometimes means: 1. youth 2. (flowers: Leviticus only) menstruation
flux n. fluid discharge
flying (Lev. 13:57 only) adj. transitory, temporary
foal [FOLE] n. young donkey or horse
fold n. 1. pen for animals (e.g., Num. 32:24) 2. pasture (e.g., Isa. 65:10) 3. flock (e.g., John 10:16)
foment v. apply warm lotions
footman n. soldier who fights on foot
forasmuch (as) conjunction since
forbear v. tolerate patiently (forbearance n.)
ford n. place in a body of water shallow enough to walk or ride through
forefront n. the part in front
forepart n. the part in front
foresaid adj. mentioned earlier
foreshew [for-SHOW] v. foretell
fornication n. 1. sexual intercourse with an unmarried person 2. idolatry (Ezech. 23:3 note) 3. adultery (e.g., Matt. 5:32) 4. incest (e.g., 1 Cor. 5:1) (fornicate v., fornicator n.)
forswear v. 1. deny under oath (e.g., Prov. 30:9) 2. commit perjury (e.g., Wis. 14:28)
forthwith adv. immediately
forward adj. ready (e.g., 2 Cor. 8:11)
forward v. 1. (Isa. 40:13 only) direct 2. (Zach. 1:15 only) promote
founder n. person who casts metals
fourscore adj. eighty
fowler n. hunter of wild fowls (fowling v.)
frame v. make, devise
frankincense n. a fragrant resin used for incense
froth n. foam
froward adj. perverse
frumenty [FROO-men-tee] n. wheat boiled in milk
fuller n. person who treats cloth
furbish v. polish
furniture n. 1. that which is added (e.g. , Gen. 2:1) 2. saddle (e.g., Gen. 31:34) 3. utensils (e.g., Ex. 25:39) 4. armor (e.g., Isa. 39:2) 5. goods, merchandise (e.g., Ezech. 27:27)
gad v. wander without purpose
gainsay v. contradict (gainsayer n.)
galbanum [GAL-ban-um] n. a resin used for incense
gall [GAWL] n. 1. a bitter body fluid 2. bitter feeling
gallery n. covered walkway
gape v. open the mouth wide
garland n. 1. wreath 2. crown
garnish v. adorn
garrison n. 1. town fortified with troops 2. troops that fortify a town
garter n. bracelet
gay adj. 1. merry 2. decorated in a showy manner
gazingstock n. person gazed at with scorn or contempt
gender v. 1. copulate 2. bring forth
gibbet [JIB-it] n. frame for hanging a person
gild v. cover with gold
gin [JIN] n. trap
gith n. a plant whose seeds are used as a spice
glean v. gather (grain, etc.) left by reapers
goad n. pointed rod used to urge on a beast (goad v.)
gomor n. 1/10 ephi (Ex. 16:36)
goodman n. master of the house
gourd [GORD] n. a fruit
grate n. cross bars
grave v. carve, engrave (graven adj., graving n.)
greaves n. leg armor
gridiron n. structure of metal bars
grisled adj. =grizzled, gray
groat n. coin of little value (e.g., 4 pence)
gross adj. 1. insensitive 2. large, great 3. dense, thick 4. sensual 5. unrefined
grove n. cluster of trees, not dense like a forest, often a place of false worship
grype n. vulture
guile n. deceitful cunning
habit n. sometimes means: clothing
haft n. handle
haircloth n. cloth stiffened with animal hair
hale adj. healthy
halter n. noose
handmaid n. female servant
handstaff n. javelin, wooden spear with steel tip
harbour v. shelter, be hospitable to
harrow n. device to break and level plowed land (harrow v.)
hart n. male deer
haughty adj. excessively proud, overbearing (haughtiness n., haughtily adv.)
hearth n. 1. (of a fireplace) brick floor 2. (of an altar) ledge
hearth cake n. cake baked on hot stones
heath n. a plant
hedge n. heavy plant growth used as a fence
hedge v. fence in
heifer [HEFF-er] n. young cow
heinous [HAY-nuss] adj. atrocious
hence adv. from here
hence n. here
henceforth adv. from now on
henceforward adv. from now on
herald n. officer
herdsman n. keeper of livestock
heretofore adv. until now
heron n. a bird
hew v. cut, chop
hillock n. small hill
hin n. See Ezech. 4:11 note.
hind [Rhymes with KIND.] n. female red deer
hindmost adj. farthest to the rear, last
hither adv. here
hitherward adv. toward here
hoar frost, or hoarfrost n. white frozen dew
hoary adj. 1. gray or white with age 2. resembling hoar frost
hold n. sometimes means: 1. stronghold 2. prison (e.g., Acts 4:3)
holiday n. sometimes means: holy day
holm n. an evergreen tree
holocaust n. See Lev. 1:3 note.
hoop n. a bird
horn n. (of an altar) projection at the corner of an altar
hosanna interjection adoration or praise to God
host n. sometimes means: 1. (of heaven) sun, moon, and stars (2 Par. 33:3 note) 2. multitude (e.g., Num. 10:36) 3. army (e.g., 1 Par. 26:26)
hough [HOCK] v. hamstring
houp n. =hoopoe, a bird
howbeit [HOW-be-it] adv. nevertheless
humour n. bodily discharge
husbandman n. farmer
husbandry n. farming
hyacinth n. 1. a plant 2. a mineral
hyssop n. a plant, whose leaves have a strong, unpleasant taste
ibis [EYE-biss] n. a bird
imbrue v. drench
immolate v. kill in a sacrifice
impart v. 1. make known, communicate 2. give
import v. signify
importunate adj. pressing, urgent
importunity n. urgent request
imposture n. deception by pretending to be someone else
imprecation n. curse, prayer for evil
impregnable adj. impossible to attack, able to withstand attack
impudent [IM-pue-dent] adj. immodest, shameless (impudence n., impudently adv.)
impugn v. contradict
impunity n. exemption from punishment
impute v. attribute
incorrigible adj. not reformable (incorrigibleness n.)
incredulity n. disbelief (increrdulous adj.)
inculcate v. teach by repetition
incursion n. raid
indigent adj. poor (indigence n.)
indolent adj. lazy
ineffable adj. unutterable, inexpressible
inexorable adj. not able to be persuaded
infatuate v. make foolish
ingraft v. implant
inkhorn n. small ink container
insolent adj. excessively proud, overbearing
instance n. (Eph. 6:18 only) earnest petition
instant adj. 1. urgent (e.g., Luke 23:23) 2. earnest (e.g., Rom. 12:12)
interment n. burial
inundation n. flood
inveigh v. protest very strongly
invest v. surround
inveterate adj. long established
invincible adj. impossible to overcome or conquer
invocate v. invoke, call upon
irchin n. hedgehog (an animal)
irruption n. sudden invasion
jacinth [JAY-sinth] n. an orange gem
jakes n. latrine, outhouse
jasper n. a colorful quartz
javelin n. wooden spear with sharp steel point
jot n. iota, the smallest Greek letter
kid n. young goat
kine [Rhymes with FINE.] n. cows
kite n. a bird
know v. sometimes means: have sexual intercourse with
lade v. load (a burden)
lamia n. witch, demon
landmark n. mark to show the boundary of land
language n. (Daniel only) group of people, or country, with its own speech
languish v. 1. lose strength, wither 2. undergo sorrow for love, long
lapidary n. person who works with gems
large adv. (at large) sometimes means: fully
larus n. a bird
lasciviousness n. lust
lateward adj. late
lattice n. cross bars
laver [LAY-ver] n. large basin used for religious washing
leave n. permission
leaven n. 1. something that ferments food 2. something that corrupts (e.g., Matt. 16:6) (leavened, adj.)
leek n. an edible plant
lees n. sediment, dregs
legion n. 1. group of many soldiers 2. large number
lend v. (Ex. 12:36 only) give (something requested)
lenity n. leniency
leviathan n. See Job 40:20 note.
levity n. lack of due consideration
levy n. collection of troups
libation n. drink offering (Ex. 25:29 note)
light v. sometimes means: 1. (light off) descend from (e.g., Gen. 24:64) 2. (light on, light upon) come upon, land on (e.g., Num. 5:21)
lightsome adj. bright, clear
ligurius n. a precious stone
lintel n. crosspiece over a door
list v. lean (to one side)
litigious [luh-TIJ-us] adj. quarrelsome
litter n. seat or bed with shafts, to enable men or animals to convey one person
loft n. floor above another floor
longanimity n. patience in suffering
low adv. (2 Machabees introduction only) late in time
lucre n. money
lump n. sometimes means: 1. cluster 2. the whole batch
lurch n. difficulty, embarrassment
lute n. plucked stringed instrument like a harp
luxury n. 1. lust 2. gluttony 3. (Prov. 20:1 only) mocking, ridicule (luxurious adj.)
machination n. evil scheme
magistrate n. person with authority
magnify v. 1. praise highly 2. make great, exalt
maid n. young miss
maiden n. young miss
maidservant n. female servant
mail n. armor
malediction n. curse
malignant adj. malicious (maliginty n.)
mammon n. riches, worldly interest (Matt. 6:24 note)
mandrake n. a plant
manna n. bread from heaven (See Ex. 16:4 and Ex. 16:35.)
mantle n. loose outer garment
mariner n. sailor
marrow n. 1. best part 2. fatty substance
marsh n. low, wet land, often grassy (marshy adj.)
mart n. market
mason n. bricklayer
mastic n. a tree that produces a resin
mazer n. maple cup
meal n. 1. course grain 2. flour
mean adj. sometimes means: 1. common, without distinction 2. of little value, insignificant 3. (Prov. 11:12 only) deficienet
medley n. confused combat, melee
meet adj. suitable
mendicant adj. depending on alms for a living
menstealer n. kidnapper
mess n. portion of food
mete v. measure
midwife n. woman who helps at childbirth
milch [MILK] adj. giving milk
millet n. a grass
millstone n. heavy stone used to grind grain
minstrel v. musician
mire n. deep mud
mite n. 1/2 farthing (1/8 penny) (Mark 12:42)
mitigate v. make less severe
mitre n. religious headdress
moiety [MOY-uh-tee] n. half
molest v. trouble, disturb
mollify v. soften
morrow n. Note: tomorrow, today, and tonight were each written as two words; the morrow means the following day.
mortar n. 1. cement for bricks or stones 2. see pestle
mote n. speck
mount n. sometimes means: mound for protection
murrain [MER-un] n. disease of cattle
muse v. meditate
muster v. collect (e.g., troops)
myrrh n. a fragrant resin used for incense
myrtle n. a pleasant-smelling evergreen tree
nave n. hub of a wheel
neat n. cattle
nether adj. lower
nettle n. a plant with thorns that cause great pain
network n. decorative fabric
niggard n. miser (niggardly adj., niggardliness n.)
nigh adv., adj., preposition 1. near 2. intellectually near, easily learned (e.g., Deut. 30:14) 3. morally or emotionally near (e.g., Ps. 33:19)
nitre n. potassium nitrate, saltpeter
noble adj. usual meaning: of excellent moral character, sometimes means: 1. extensive (e.g., Gen. 12:6) 2. impressive (e.g., Ezech. 25:9)
noble n. man of high rank
nobleman n. man of high rank
noise v. report
noisome adj. offensive, disgusting
obeisance [oh-BEE-senss] n. gesture of homage, e.g., bow
oblation n. offering, sacrifice
oblivion n. forgetfulness
obol [AH-ble] See Ex. 30:13 note.
obsequy [AHB-sih-quee] n. funeral rite
obstetric adj. assisting in childbirth
octave n. See Ps. 6:1 note.
odious adj. hateful
officious adj. eager to help
offscouring n. trash
onycha [ON-uh-kuh] n. an ingredient of incense
ophiomachus n. a locust or cricket
opprobrious adj. disgraceful
oracle n. 1. See 3 Kings 6:5 note. 2. (Ezech. 21:23 only) false god
oratory n. place for worship
orchard n. land where fruit trees are grown
organ n. pipe (wind instrument), flute
ostentation n. vain display
ought n. or pronoun anything at all
overreach v. deceive by trickery, cheat, take advantage of
overshadow v. 1. come over, cover (e.g., Ps. 90:4, Mark 9:6) 2. cast a shadow over, shade (e.g., Bar. 5:8, Acts 5:15) 3. rest upon (e.g., Luke 1:35)
pale n. pointed narrow board used to make a picket fence
palma Christi n. castor oil plant
palmerworm n. a hairy worm or caterpillar
palsy n. paralysis
Paraclete n. See John 14:16 note.
parasceve [PARR-a-seev, first syllable as in PARrot] n. See John 19:14 note.
pare [PAIR] v. trim
partridge n. a bird
pasch [PASK] n. The pascal lamb (Matt. 26:17 note)
paste n. dough
patriarch n. 1. A father of the human race before the Flood (Adam, Noe, etc.) 2. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or one of Jacob's 12 sons.
pavilion n. tent
pearl n. (Lev. 21:20 only) cataract
pease [PEEZ] n. peas
peculiar adj. particular, special
pence n. See Matt. 18:28 note.
pernicious n. 1. destructive 2. deadly 3. evil
pestilence n. plague (disease)
pestilent adj. mischevious
pestilential adj. destructive
pestle n. instrument for breaking or pounding substances in a mortar
Pharisee n. See Matt. 5:20 note.
phase n. See Num. 9:2 note.
phial [FILE] n. vial
pike n. wooden rod with sharp steel point
pill v. peel off (bark)
pillage n. robbery (pillage v.)
pin n. nail or peg
pine v. lose strength
pinion n. 1. bird's wing 2. part of bird's wing with flight feathers 3. joint of bird's wing
pinnacle n. high point of a building
pipe n. sometimes means: wind instrument
pipe v. play (on a wind instrument)
pique [PEEK] n. slight anger, offense
pitch n. a tar
pitch v. usual meaning: erect (a tent or tabernacle), sometimes means: 1. cover with pitch (tar) 2. set up camp
plait v. braid
plat v. braid, weave
ploughshare n. cutting part of a plow
plummet n. 1. plumb bob, plumb line 2. something that weighs down, as a large stone
plunder v. rob by force (plunderer n.)
poise v. stabilize, balance
pole n. 1. farthest part 2. pillar 3. canopy
poll v. clip (hair)
pomegranate [POM-uh-gran-it] n. a tree, or its fruit
pommel n. knob, ball
poplar n. a tree
porch n. covered walk
porphirion, or porphyrion n. a vulture that feeds on rotting flesh
porphyry [POR-fuh-ree] n. a stone with attractive crystals
porter n. doorkeeper (portress, porteress feminine)
post n. sometimes means: letter carrier
postern [POST-ern] adj. back
pothook n. hook to hang a pot over a fire
potsherd [POT-sherd] n. fragment of a broken pot
potter n. maker of vessels from clay
power n. sometimes means: 1. ruler, one with authority (e.g., Mic. 4:8, Luke 12:11) 2. (powers) multitude, army (e.g., Dan. 4:32) 3. sun, moon, and stars (e.g., Eccus. 17:31, Dan. 4:32) 4. (powers of heaven) forces that control the heavens (e.g., Matt. 24:29) 5. angel, good or bad (e.g., 1 Cor. 15:24, Eph. 6:12) 6. (prince of the power of this air) (Eph. 2:2 only) devils
prate v. talk idly
pre-eminence n. superiority, especially in authority
preceptor n. teacher
precinct n. boundary
precipice n. steep descent
prefix v. (Dan. 11:40 only) appoint in advance
prelate n. church leader or ruler
press n. place where grapes are pressed
presumption n. sometimes means: 1. (Eccl. 6:9 only) vexation 2. tendency, propensity 3. schemes
prevaricate v. 1. go astray 2. lie (prevariaction n., prevaricator n.)
prevent v. sometimes means: 1. come before 2. come upon, confront
prick v. sometimes means: cause pain, sorrow, or remorse
priest n. person who offers a sacrifice (priestly adj., priesthood n.)
principality n. 1. sovereignty (e.g., Ps. 109:3) 2. royal office (e.g., 2 Mac. 4:27) 3. ruler (e.g., Rom. 8:38)
privy adj. 1. having become aware 2. private
privy n. outhouse
proconsul n. ruler of a province
propitiation n. atoning sacrifice reconciling God and man
propitiatory n. See Ex. 25:17 note.
proposition n. 1. (loaves of, table of, bread of) See Matt. 12:4 note. 2. (Psalms only) See Ps. 77:2 note.
proselyte n. 1. someone from another land (e.g., Ex. 12:49) 2. new convert (e.g., Matt. 23:15)
prospect n. 1. (Ezech. 40:44 only) position of the front of a building 2. rim
provender n. animal food
providence n. 1. guidance, often divine 2. forethought
psaltery n. plucked stringed instrument
publican n. See Matt. 5:46 note
pulse n. See Dan. 1:12 note.
purple n. sometimes means: 1. purple emperor's robe 2. purple cloth (e.g., Bar. 6:71)
pusillanimity [pyoo-sil-uh-NIM-ih-tee] n. cowardlinesss
pygarg n. a goat
python n. a snake (pythonic, pythonical adj.)
quail n. a bird
quarry n. place where large stones are available
quarter n. (Luke 16:7 only) 8 bushels
quit v. hold guiltless, acquit
quiver n. sheath for arrows
rabbi n. 1. master (John 1:38) 2. teacher
rabboni [RUH-boe-nee] n. master (John 20:16)
rail n. crossbeam
rail v. scold (railing adj. and n., railer n.)
raiment n. clothing
rampart n. barrier to protect a place
rancour n. deep malice, enmity
rank n. 1. group (e.g., Mark 6:40) 2. row, position
rapine [RAP-in] v. rob by force (rapine n.)
rase [RAZE] v. demolish, completely ruin
rational n. See notes to Ex. 25:7 and Ex. 28:15.
ravage v. 1. destroy 2. rob
ravening adj. devouring
ravenous adj. devouring
raw adj. (of cloth) not spun or twisted
raze v. demolish, completely ruin
rear v. erect
rebuke n. punishment for the sake of restraint or correction
rebuke v. 1. check, restrain (e.g., Mark 4:39) 2. reprimand 3. chasten, punish (e.g., Isa. 50:6)
recompense n. compensation, repayment (recompense v.)
rectify v. make right
rectitude n. righteousness
redound v. return
reed n. 1. tall bamboo-like grass 2. rod 3. one cubit 4. six cubits (Ezech. 41:8)
reel v. stagger
refectory n. dining hall
regenerate v. create again, give new life to (regeneration n.)
regent n. ruler
reins n. sometimes means: 1. lower back (e.g., Ex. 28:42) 2. seat of affection, "heart" (e.g., Ps. 7:10)
relict n. widow
remembrancer n. reminder
remission n. sometimes means: release (See Lev. 25:10 note.)
remonstrate [reh-MON-strait] v. object strongly (remonstrance n.)
rend n. tear
rend v. tear (rent, past tense)
repair v. sometimes means: go
repine v. complain
reprehend v. 1. reprimand 2. find fault in (e.g., Luke 20:26) (reprehension n.)
reprehensible adj. blameworthy (reprehensibly adv.)
reproach n. 1. shame, disgrace 2. cause of shame (e.g., Gen. 30:23) 3. object of contempt (e.g., 2 Esd. 2:17) (reproachfully adv.)
reproach v. disapprove of, scorn, shame, disgrace
reprobate adj. 1. rejected (e.g., Jer. 6:30) 2. having abandoned one's faith (e.g., 2 Tim. 3:8) 3. lost in sin (e.g., Titus 1:16) (reprobation n.)
reprobate n. person lost in sin
reprove v. chide as blameworthy (reproof n.)
repugnant adj. opposed
repute v. 1. account, reckon 2. consider
requite v. repay, avenge
retail n. sale in small quantities
retrench v. remove
revelling n. noisy feasting, carousing
revile v. verbally abuse
riband [RIH-band] n. ribbon
rifle v. steal by force
right adj. (John 12:3 only) pure
ringtail n. an animal like a racoon
rivulet n. small stream
roe n. small deer
roebuck n. small deer
rout n. mob in commotion
rover n. See 4 Kings 24:2 note.
rue n. an herb
ruminate v. chew again
rush n. a plant
sabaoth n. See Jer. 11:20 note.
sack v. rob (after capture)
sackbut n. instrument like a trombone
sackcloth n. coarse cloth
Sadducee n. See Matt. 3:7 note.
safe conduct n. guaranteed safe passage (e.g., through hostile territory)
saffron n. a plant, or an aromatic spice produced by it
saith [SETH, or SAY-ith] v. says
sally v. rush out suddenly
sardine n. a precious orange-red quartz
sardius n. a precious stone
sardonyx n. an onyx
satiable adj. able to be satisfied
savour n. taste and/or smell (savour v.)
savoury adj. having a good taste
scabbard n. sheath
sceptre [SEP-ter] n. 1. king's staff 2. authority
sciniph [SIN-if] n. See Ex. 8:16 note.
scoff v. mock, ridicule (scoff, scoffer n.)
scorpion n. sometimes means: 1. whip with sharp points 2. person who likes to hurt others (e.g., Ezech. 2:6)
screak v. 1. scream 2. screech
scribe n. See Matt. 5:20 note.
scrip n. small bag
scrivener n. writer
scurf n. dry scab
scurrility n. vulgar language
scythe [C is silent. Rhymes with WRITHE.] n. curved knife
sea n. sometimes means: large brass water container
sectary n. heretic
sedge n. a plant (sedge-bush n.)
sedition n. rebellion (seditious adj.)
seemly adj. fit, suitable
seer n. prophet
sentinel n. guard
sepulchre n. tomb
serpent n. snake
servile adj. suitable for a servant
setim n. See Ex. 25:5 note.
several adj. sometimes means: own, individual
sextary n. See Lev. 14:10 note.
shamble n. meat market
share n. (1 Kings 13:21 only) ploughshare
sheaf n. bundle of plants
sheepcotes n. sheepfold (Mic. 2:12 note)
sheepfold n. pen for sheep
sherd [SHARD] n. shard
shew [SHOW] n. 1. magnificent spectacle (e.g., Eccus. 43:1) 2. appearance (e.g., Isa. 3:9)
shew v. show
shod v. gave shoes to
sicle n. See Ex. 30:13 note.
siege n. surrounding of a city to attack
signal adj. remarkable
signet n. 1. official seal 2. stone ring with engraved seal
simple adj. See notes to Job 1:1, Matt. 10:16, and 2 Cor. 8:2. (simplicity n.)
single adj. sometimes means: 1. (of an eye) free from defect of vision 2. (of a heart) pure, incorrupt
singular adj. remarkable (singularly adv.)
siren n. enticing woman
skirt n. 1. garment 2. loose part of a garment below the waist
slander v. defame (slanderous adj., slanderer n.)
sleep v. sometimes means: die, be dead
slight v. neglect, consider unimportant
sluggard n. lazy person
smite v. strike severly
smith n. metal worker
snaffle n. bridle
sodden adj. and v. past tense 1. boiled 2. soaked
solder v. bind metals together with a molten alloy
solicitude n. care, concern (solicitous adj.)
soothsaying n. fortelling (soothsayer n.)
sophistry n. fallacious reasoning that sound plausible
sorcery n. magic, witchcraft (sorcerer, sorceress n.)
span n. width of an extended hand, about 9 inches or 23 cm.
spikenard n. a fragrant oil
spoil v. (a person) take the goods of (spoil n.)
sprig n. small twig
square adj. (Gen. 6:15 note only) cubic
stacte [STAK-tee] n. a spice used in making incense
staff n. sometimes means: 1. support (e.g., Tob. 5:23) 2. supply (e.g., Ezech. 5:16)
stallion n. uncastrated male horse
standard n. sometimes means: flag, banner, emblem
state n. (Amos 6:1 only) pomp, dignity, grandeur
stater n. See Ex. 30:13 note.
stature n. height
stave n. thin strip of wood
steadfast adj. unchanging
stello n. a lizard
stew n. house of prostitution
steward n. 1. officer 2. manager 3. servant (e.g., Titus 1:7)
stibic adj. of antimony
stifle v. sometimes means: drown
stock n. sometimes means: 1. stem of a plant (e.g., Gen. 41:23) 2. trunk or stump of a tree (e.g., Isa. 44:19) 3. idol (e.g., Ezech. 20:32) 4. (stocks) wooden frame with holes for feet
stole n. a religious garment
stomacher n. breast ornament
storax n. a fragrant resin
store n. sometimes means: 1. stock, abundance 2. storehouse (e.g., Ps. 134:7)
straggle v. wander
straightway adv. immediately
strait adj. narrow (straitness n.)
strait adv. (tied) strongly (to restrict)
strait n. 1. difficulty 2. narrow passage
straiten v. 1. restrict 2. distress (e.g., Mic. 2:7)
strake n. iron band of a wheel
strew v. scatter
stripling n. adolescent
stroke n. sometimes means: 1. distinguishing feature (e.g., Lev. 13:2) 2. disease (e.g., Lev. 14:54)
strow v. scatter
strumpet n. prostitute
stubble n. straw
suborn v. get a person to lie
subscribe v. sign (subscriber n.)
subtile [SUT-tle] adj. subtle
succour n. 1. relief 2. person who brings relief (e.g., 1 Mac. 3:15)
succour v. relieve
suffer v. sometimes means: allow
sully v. tarnish, spot
sunder n. pieces
sundry adj. various
superfluity n. something unnecessary
superintendency n. care and oversight with authority
supernal adj. heavenly
supplant v. 1. depose and replace (a person) 2. cause (a person) to trip 3. undermine
supplication n. prayer (suppliant n.)
surety n. 1. certainty (e.g., 2 Mac. 10:28) 2. person who guarantees something (e.g., Heb. 7:22) 3. person who guarantees payment of a debt (suretyship n.)
surfeit v. eat or drink to excess
swaddle v. wrap (cloth around an infant) to restrict arm and leg movement
swathe [TH as in THEN: SWAHTH] v. bandage
swelling adj. conceited
swellings n. conceit
symphony n. a musical instrument
tabernacle n. 1. portable sanctuary for worship 2. temporary dwelling, tent 3. our body (e.g., 2 Cor. 5:4) 4. (Apoc. 21:3 only) dwelling Note: feast of tabernacles is described in Lev. 23:40-42.
table n. sometimes means: writing tablet
tablet n. 1. hand ornament (e.g., Ex. 35:22, Num. 31:50) 2. perfume box (e.g., Isa. 3:20)
tackling n. ship's gear
talent n. See Matt. 18:24 note.
tapestry [TAP-ess-tree] n. decorative cloth
tarry v. wait, stay
tax v. (Matt. 23:29 note only) censure, condemn
temper v. mix to a desired state
tempest n. violent storm (tempestuous adj.)
temple n. sometimes means: 1. building for worship 2. place where God dwells (e.g. John 2:21)
temporal adj. lasting only for a time
tender adj. sometimes means: 1. weak (e.g., Gen. 33:13, 2 Kings 3:39) 2. unable to endure hardship (e.g., Deut. 28:56) 3. inexperienced (e.g., 1 Par. 22:5) 4. (of mercies) compassionate (e.g., 2 Esd. 9:27) 5. young and well educated (e.g., Prov. 4:3) 6. delightful, pleasant (e.g., Jer. 31:20)
tenor n. sense, meaning
terrible adj. 1. frightful 2. worthy of awe or reverence
testament n. 1. (ark of the) Ark of the Covenant 2. solemn agreement between people and God 3. will (of a person before his death) (e.g., Gal. 3:15)
testator [TESS-tay-ter] n. person who dies leaving a will
testimony n. 1. (ark of the) Ark of the Covenant 2. the two tablets of the ten commandments (e.g., Ex. 25:16) 3. meeting (e.g., Ex. 28:43) 4. tent (e.g., Ex. 39:31) 5. the book of the law (e.g., 4 Kings 11:12) 6. laws, commandments (e.g., Ps. 18:8, see Ps. 118:2 note) 7. witness, evidence (e.g., Mark 6:11, 2 Cor. 1:12) 8. Gospel (e.g., 1 Cor. 2:1) 9. approval (e.g., Heb. 11:4)
tetrarch n. See Matt. 14:1 note.
thence adv. 1. from there 2. from that time
thenceforth adv. from that time forward
thenceforward adv. from that time forward
theraphim n. 1. priestly garment (Judges 17:5) 2. See Osee 3:4 note.
thicket n. woods
thither [first TH as in THIN, second TH as in THEN] adv. there
thong n. leather stap
thrash v. 1. beat out grain 2. beat (thrasher n., thrashingfloor n.)
threescore adj. sixty
thresh v. beat out grain (threshingfloor n.)
thrones n. (Col. 1:16 only) angels
throng n. crowd, great multitude
throng v. crowd
thyine [THIGH-en] n. a tree with fragrant and decorative wood
tillage n. plowed land
timbrel n. tambourine
tire n. head dress, turban
tittle n. tiny mark on a letter
to wit adv. namely, that is
torrent n. violent stream
tow n. weak, broken part of flax or hemp
trace v. follow a trail
traffic n. commerce
traffic v. trade
train n. sometimes means: 1. procession 2. followers
translate v. 1. move to a new place 2. (Heb. 7:12 only) change (translation n.)
transmigration n. migration
transom n. crosspiece over a door
travail n. labor in childbirth (travail v.)
treat v. sometimes means: 1. (treat with) negotiate with, argue with 2. (treat of) speak about (e.g., 1 Mac. 14:9)
tribunal [TRY-byoon-el] n. 1. See 4 Kings 11:14 note. 2. court
tribune [TRIH-byoon] n. 1. officer to protect citizens from oppression 2. covered way (e.g., 4 Kings 16:18 note)
tributary n. 1. land that is taxed (e.g., Est. 10:1) 2. forced laborer
tribute n. 1. forced labor 2. tax
trim v. put in order
tumult [TUMM-ult] n. agitation
tunick n. a long robe
turpitude n. great depravity
unction n. religious anointing
undersetter n. support
unsufferable adj. intolerable
untoward adj. peverse, unmanageable (untowardness n.)
upbraid v. 1. charge with something wrong, scold (upbraider n.) 2. treat with contempt (e.g., Prov. 14:31)
urchin n. hedgehog (an animal)
usurp v. take without right (usurpation n.)
usury [ZH as in LEISURE: YOU-zhah-ree] n. 1. interest (on money) 2. excessive interest (on money) (usurer n.)
vah interjection See notes to Ps. 39:16 and Ps. 69:4.
vale n. valley
vehement adj. forceful (vehemently adv.)
venture n. Note: at a venture means at random
verdure n. healthy, green vegetation
verity n. truthfulness
vermilion n. bright red
vesture n. garments
vetch n. a plant
victuals n. food
vineyard n. area of grape vines
vintage n. one season's harvest of a vineyard
viper n. a poisonous snake
virtue n. sometimes means: 1. strength, efficacy, power 2. angel, good or bad (e.g., Eph. 1:21)
visit v. sometimes means: punish (notes to Jer. 25:12, Jer. 46:25, Amos 3:2) (visitation n.)
vitiate [VISH-ee-ate] v. corrupt
vouchsafe v. condescend, deign
wain n. wagon
wallet n. bag for traveling
wanton adj. 1. lewd 2. playful, frolicking (e.g., 1 Par. 13:9) 3. (Osee 4:16 only) stubborn 4. (Amos 6:4 only) stretched out 5. (1 Tim. 5:11 only) Wanton in Christ means unrestrained against Christ.
wanton n. playful, frolicking animal
ward n. 1. custody, guardianship, watch 2. guarded place (e.g., Ezech. 40:45) 3. guard (e.g., Acts 12:10)
warily adv. cautiously
warp n. lengthwise thread
watch n. sometimes means: one of the divisions of the night
wax v. sometimes means: become
wayfaring adj. traveling on a journey
welter v. lie soaked (in)
wether n. castrated ram
wheel n. (James 3:6 only) course
whelp n. young animal
whence adv. from where
wherefore adv. 1. therefore 2. why (e.g., 1 John 3:12)
whet v. sharpen
whether pronoun which
whit n. the least bit
whither adv. wherever, to where
whithersoever adv. to whatever place
whoremonger n. whore's client
wicket n. small door near a larger door
wile n. trick
winefat n. place where grapes are pressed
winepress n. 1. place where grapes are pressed 2. See Ps. 80:1 note.
wink (at) v. overlook
winnow v. blow away (chaff from grain)
withal [WITH-all] adv. with them
wizard n. sorcerer, magician
wont [WUNT, or WAWNT] adj. accustomed
woodland n. land with trees
woof [Rhymes with HOOF.] n. crosswise thread
Word n. sometimes means: second Person of the Trinity
wormwood n. a plant with a nauseous taste
worst v. defeat
wrangle v. quarrel
wreath [TH as in THEN] v. interweave
wrest v. distort
wrought v. worked
yard n. 1. (Deut. 23:1 only) penis 2. (Acts 27:17 only) mast to support a sail